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Maleen und die Königin der Meere

From adventure one

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Color and painting meet sewing silk and embroidery

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Freeze'n'Flow Dance Company

"The other me"






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For a long time in my life I only looked at art from the side and from the outside. At the age of 60 I found the art in me . It is a great gift for me to discover and develop this unimagined creativity for myself. Often I sink into what I do. Sometimes the viewer also sinks into my fantasy worlds and that makes me particularly happy. That's my  Herzenslust then for me.   From this I draw new energy, new ones

  S chaffenskraft. A therapist told me: The soul needs the opportunity to express itself, otherwise it will fall silent! I think he's right! And sometimes it takes an event that puts us on the right track. Get out of the old track. So that we can experience a Sinneswandel.


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